How I Reclaimed My Body and Style After Severe Depression

I remember the moment one evening on a short walk to the mailbox in my condo complex when I first noticed the pinch of waistband in my size 10 jeans. It was a few months after I had come home from being hospitalized for severe, major depression with psychosis. The week prior to being admitted to the hospital, the most substantial thing I had eaten was a smoothie.
Then, after taking the pills the nurses pushed on me in small, white, pleated paper cups, I became so hungry I consumed anything I could find in the hospital kitchen — cartons of yogurt, popcorn, a banana, single-serving cups of ice-cream — even after finishing a full meal. I rationalized my body must be making up for how little I had eaten the week before, but the next day the doctor informed me the medication he’d prescribed for me was also an appetite stimulant.

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